Coffee Morning...

On Friday, June 2nd I was joined by some brilliant members of the Oxford community for a coffee morning filled with pancakes, blueberries, and brainstorming. The participants kindly gave up their creative juices in exchange for delicious treats, and to say the least, the result was a success.
I have been quite clear from the outset that this fundraising is no small task but this inventive and generous group made the task feel well within my reach. I have no doubt in my mind that I'll organize a similar future gathering. However, I have promised that by next time my cooking skill will have improved sufficiently so that I am the one cooking the pancakes and not my mum. So, maybe it'll be a while until we next meet!

But, delicious food aside, I couldn't have asked for a better kickstarter to my fundraising. I am now even more excited about what's to come and armed with many mindmaps of golden egg ideas, for which I must again thank this fantastic group.

Some pictures from the morning:


  1. Well done, Yasmina. I'm really enjoying reading your blog and look forward to more posts. Good luck with your cooking challenge :-)


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