So here goes...

So here goes... My name is Yasmina O'Sullivan and I am a Project Trust volunteer. I come from a mixed-culture background, Egyptian-Irish and have lived all my life in the UK. Next year I will be joining Project Trust, an inspirational educational charity, to become an English language teacher in India. 

I won't lie, the prospect of raising £5200 for this brilliant experience is daunting, to say the least, but I am thrilled by the opportunity to take on an entirely new and different challenge. 

My choice to take a gap year is very much tied into my interest in taking on new challenges. Throwing myself into fundraising and ultimately working in India could not be more disparate than my previous life and academic experiences. Project Trust is first and foremost an educational charity, established to help young people like me engage in different cultures, overcome unique challenges and become enriched by the wider world. So who wouldn't take this unparalleled opportunity? And with that, I end my first post feeling mixture of trepidation and elation, but with the former doubtlessly outweighing the latter! 

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  1. Jackie Hill here. Fantastic start Yasmina. I see you are a wordsmith like your dad. Look forward to, what I'm sure, will be a wonderful blog. Good luck.

    1. Thank you so much Jackie! Your support is greatly appreciated :)


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