The Cinema Extravaganza Success...

On Friday 23rd June at 20:25 I apprehensively dashed around my house making sure that everything was in the right place ready for my first fundraising event, my Casablanca garden cinema. I so wanted this event to be a success, and thanks to the fantastic people who came it was!

I'd originally planned for people to have drinks and chat for just half an hour. However, my wonderfully talkative and open attendees nattered for a good 45 minutes before I had to wrench them away from the drinks for a short fundraising presentation from me.

After my little speech, the film began, and Casablanca's iconic opening credits began to roll. The garden was beautifully illuminated by the light of the projector and atmospheric candles dotted all over the place. Our brilliant photographer, Ameira (my cousin), got some brilliant birds-eye shots of the scene; everyone wrapped up warm, munching on popcorn, sipping Pimms and enjoying a classic.

I was particularly excited to share my donation smarty tubes with all the cinema goers. These decorated tubes are for people to take home and enjoy, free of charge (...well initially). After completing the tube I ask these lovely people to fill their tubes with the spare change they have hiding down the back of the sofa. People were intrigued by the idea and impressed by the beautifully designed labels, again courtesy of my talented cousin Ameira!

Overall between the generous donations and ticket sales, the event earned a great £250! With the addition of this and my community service earnings over the last three weeks, I have raised £765.

A special thanks go to my phenomenal Maths teacher, Nisha and her husband Drew, without whose donation of their projector, there would be no cinema. Another thanks go to St Peter's Church without which no one would have had a seat to sit on.

Thank you to all who came. I sincerely hope you loved it as much as I did. Watch out for more cinema extravaganzas to come!


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