Supermarket superstars...

For my last two events, Garden Cinema Nights showing Cinema Paradiso and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, I have been lucky enough to have some generous donations from some supermarket superstars! 

Sue Coyle and I :)

Sainsbury's Kidlington, Oxford was beyond kind in their donation of two packs of 4 large apple and orange juice cartons. In addition, they donated a £15 voucher for buying other drinks and nibbles. 

I must share a special thanks to Sue Coyle who leads Sainsbury's Kidlington's public relations. She exemplified what makes Sainsbury's unique in their community outreach and role as a supporter of the local community. The support the branch provides is really unparalleled. They donate flowers to local care homes, support young people like me in their fundraising endeavours and generally spreading smiles in the community! 

Sainsbury's Summertown, Oxford also generously donated two bottles of red wine and two bottles of white wine. The branch was very kind in their community support. It really surprised me how willing these supermarkets were to be so generous.

Marks and Spencers Cowley, also were very kind in their donation of two bottle of red and white wine. Again this branch was so willing to help in whatever way they could. This just goes to show how valuable it is for businesses like these to recognise their role in the community and engage in socially conscious business. Thank you!


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